Cinematic / Trailer

Trailer sound replacement

Most of my work in game audio so far was about non-linear sound design, creating and implementing sounds effects for interactive gameplay. Doing linear design for cinematics and trailers is a completely different challenge, so I wanted to do a sound replacement of an existing game trailer as an exercise. I picked a snippet from a trailer for the FPS „Sector 8“ by TimeGate Studios, mainly because after several years of working on fantasy titles I wanted to do a different genre and I am a huge science fiction fan 🙂

I decided not to listen to the original audio before removing it to start with a fresh mind. Working on a video that will have no music at all has the advantage that it can focus completely on the sound design. This is not a realistic scenario though, as in real life there is normally music in a cinematic or a trailer which often takes the lead – but yet this is a nice exercise to work on SciFi sounds and to learn how to design and mix sounds that are supposed to support the condensed story of a trailer.

Disclaimer: I was not involved in the creation of the original trailer nor in the development of that title.