„WOW, your sound dept is really good. I just love all sounds from this game… Ambiances, foley, fight sounds.. The spells sounds are VERY good and accurate … The were a lot of nice GFX on the spells, and the audio FULLY supports that…. I do have the main menu song in my head for DAYS!  J It’s been a while since I had an RPG with superb and polished sound like that… Anyway, just wanted to say congrats on the audio of the game… It’s awesome and I love every part of it… I kinda know what I’m talking about.. Being at Ubi for 8-9 years as an audio artist.. shipped a couple Assassins, Splintercell, ect… J“

– Tristan Bernier, Audio Artist, Ubisoft Montreal (quote from an email to Larian regarding Divinity: Original Sin)


„I’ve spent an intense month working with Felix on sound design for the game „Divinity Original Sin“ at Larian Studios. As I only stepped into the project during the final and very hectic stage, it was a great relief to have a patient and kind but above all professional and gifted sound designer such as Felix on my side. He is one of those truly passionate sound designers who will always go that extra mile to get the job done right.“

– Alex Otterlei, Sound Designer, Larian Studios


„I’ve been working with Felix for nearly 2 years, he was the person in charge of the sound design of Divinity Dragon Commander and also filling the position of the audio lead. He is creative, proactive and always willing to go the extra mile to exceed expectations. In every occasion, Felix has proven to be highly efficient. He is a real asset when it comes to support the game with enjoyable sound design. While working remotely, he did blend in very well with our team and was always responsive. Felix is great to work with and is always present when you need him. I strongly recommend him.“

– Benoît Louzas, Producer, Larian Studios


„Felix is purely amazing at what he does. Q.U.B.E. would not have made as much of an impact without the unique sound design that Felix provided. Whilst working remotely via SVN Felix was always organised with work and suggested methods in which the entire team can become more efficient with workload (which we are now exercising). Felix was always in constant contact with the team every day of development. I will definitely be contacting Felix again for any future projects.”

– Jonathan Savery, Creative Director & Co-Founder, Toxic Games


„Felix and I have been developing sound for the same video game for the last 6 months. Felix is a very talented Sound Designer, with a well developed ear. The work he has produced stands on its own in terms of quality and budget. I would certainly bring him into any game audio project that my company was contracted to do in the future. He is personable, accepts criticism quite well, and is timely with all his assigned duties.”

Tom Todia, Co-Owner, Engine Audio


„After negotiating with several sound designers on implementing the various specialised sounds required for my game, I went with Felix as he asked the most questions to really understand what I really wanted, his prices were competitive, and his conduct was very professional. I was blown away with the samples he created for my racing game, from the stadium announcements, to the ambient sounds, to the car sound effects. He also managed to source the best possible professionally recorded engine sounds for a monster truck not available anywhere else and has elevated our game from sounding average to sounding absolutely outstanding.“

– Greg Quinn, CEO, Meltdown Interactive Media


„Felix’s genuinely creative and authentic sound design helped to breathe life into our project. We’d have no hesitation in hiring him for future work.“

– Paul McPhee, Co-Founder, Cheeky Mammoth


„Felix has been a real asset to the Depth team from the moment he started work. His ability to deliver quality audio on time is complimented by an easy going disposition that lets him work well with our other audio contributors.“

– Alex Quick, Creative director and designer, Depth Developers