Dragon Commander

DC_Dragon_Mirror_SmallTitle:                  Dragon Commander

Developer:        Larian Studios, Belgium

Platform:           PC

Release date:    August 2013

Role:                  All sound design and audio implementation, Audio Lead

Dragons with jet packs. A wild mix of genres like RTS, 3rd person 3D action, turn based strategy and a story line featuring several thousand lines of voice overs in three different languages.

Working remotely for Larian Studios as the sole “audio guy” I was responsible for basically all audio of this title except the music composition and the actual VO recordings:

From the first concepts of the audio to the actual sound design and implementation of all audio into Wwise, from mastering and editing of music and dialogs to audio QA and mixing cutscenes and trailers I had to wear many different hats here; all this had to be handled over the internet in an highly iterative project where features were changing faster than you could say “Didn’t we lock that last week actually?”.