Divinity: Original Sin

Title:                  Divinity: Original Sindivinity_original_sin_raw

Developer:        Larian Studios, Belgium

Platform:           PC

Release date:   July 2014

Role:                  Most of all sound FX and audio implementation


An isometric RPG set in an huge game world inspired by the classics of the genre like Baldur’s Gate and Ultima. The Kickstarter campaign for funding the game was already a huge success with raising almost 1 mio $; but from the first day of its release the game was topping the Steam charts for weeks, and soon gaining a metacritic score of 88 – not too shabby for a release with a non-existent marketing budget.

Like on my previous project Dragon Commander for Larian, I was doing my work remotely with a few trips to the Larian offices in Gent / Belgium; my duties consisted of

– identifying all features and assets of the game that required sound design and keeping track of all new features and design changes affecting game audio

– defining audio features in close liaison with the audio programmer who embedded the Wwise audio middleware into Larian’s custom 3d engine and editing tools

– creating sound effects, implementing them into the game using Wwise and Perforce and testing ingame

– coordinating my work with animators and particle designers, as many of the sound effects were added into their assets by me using the inhouse tools

– coordinating my work with a second sound designer that was brought into the team at the end of the project