UE4 & Wwise demo 2018

[Video] 3rd person sci fi shooter demo using Unreal 4 and Wwise


It has been a while since I got a chance to work on an Unreal project, so I wanted to test the waters and create my own fun & demo project using the Unreal 4 engine. I love playing shooters and I am a sci fi fan, so why not make a small 3rd person shooter with lazors’n space ships in my spare time? The result is not even remotely a full blown game, but just a character in a desert with a blaster weapon and some stuff to shoot at and some extra gimmicks. However I learned a lot about Blueprints and UE4 and had tons of fun creating the demo!

The Unreal project was created from scratch by myself, although I used a bunch of assets from the Unreal Marketplace and Epic’s tutorial projects to start from. All audio in the project was created and implemented by me, using Wwise in its 2017.1.4 version as audio middleware.

I was also very keen on exploring the new spatial features of Wwise, so I was trying to make good use of ambisonic busses, portals, the Reflect reverb and other new goodies from Audiokinetic!



There is an additional video linked inside the above demo with a more detailed breakdown of the drone engine sound – if you have missed that one, you will find it here: